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EBP Chapter 5 M3

Theories and Models

Borrowed Theories Theories taken from other disciplines and applied to nursing questions and research problems
Concepts Symbolic statements describing a phenomenon or a class of phenomena. It is abstract!
Conceptual Model A set of abstract and general concepts that are assembled to address a phenomenon of interest
Constructs Higher-level concepts that are derived from theories and that represent non-observable behaviors. It is concrete!
Deductive Approach An approach to reasoning that generates theory by beginning with known facts, moving from the general to the specific. It is an approach used to test predictors and validate existing relationships (idea to observation)
Grand theories Theories that are complex and broad in scope. Grand theories attempt to explain broad areas and include numerous concepts that are not well defined and that have ambiguous and unclear relationships
Metaparadigm Refers to the primary or central phenomena that are of interest to a particular discipline (overarching things that make up a theory)
Middle-range theories Theories that look at a piece of reality and that contain clearly defined variables in which the nature and direction of relationships are specified
Nursing Theory A specific and concrete set of concepts and propositions that accounts for or characterizes phenomena of interest to the discipline of nursing
Practice theories Theories that are more specific than middle-range theories and that produce specific directions or guidelines for practice
Theory An organized and systematic set of interrelated statements (concepts) that specify the nature of relationships between two or more variables, with the purpose of understanding a problem or the nature of things
Inductive approach Moves from specific observations to general statements that can be tested through research (observation to idea)
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