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EBP Chapter 2 M2

Ethical Issues in Research

Anonymity A condition in which the identity of subjects remains unknown, even to the researcher, to protect subjects participating in a study and to promote objective results
Applied Research A type of study designed to gather knowledge that has direct clinical application
Basic Research A type of study designed to develop the knowledge base and extend theory without direct focus on clinical application
Confidentiality Protecting data that are gathered or learned from patients by not disclosing information without those parent's permission
Correlational Research A type of non-experimental study designed to examine the relationship between and among variables
Cross-sectioned Research A study that collects data at a particular point in time and does not require follow up
Descriptive Research A type of non-experimental study designed to provide a knowledge base when little is known about a phenomenon; used to describe variables rather than to test a predicted relationship
Experimental Research A study in which the researcher manipulates and controls one or more variables and observe the effect on (an)other variable(s)
Human Rights The protection of subjects participating in a research study; includes the right to freedom from injury, the right to privacy and dignity, and the right to anonymity and confidentiality
Longitudinal Research A study that follows a cohort of subjects and collects data over time
Non experimental Research A descriptive study that does not exhibit a great amount of control over variables
Prospective Research A study that examines data collected in the present
Retrospective Research A study that examines data collected in the past
Risk-benefit Ratio The relationship between potential harm to subjects and potential positive outcomes of participating in a research study; an evaluation used by subjects to make voluntary informed consent
Vulnerable Research Participant Those persons who are relatively or absolutely incapable of protecting their own interests and unable to provide meaningful informed consent
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