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EBP Ch.3 Questions

Understanding Evidence-Based Practice

EBP important feature #1? Problem solving approach that considers the context of the nurse's current clinical experience
EBP important feature #2? Brings together the best available research evidence by combining research with knowledge and theory
EBP important feature #3? Allows patient values to be heard
What does research utilization emphasize? Translating empirically derived knowledge into real world application (applying the evidence, actually doing it)
Research utilization is often thought of as a what of EBP? And what does it focus on? Subset; it focuses on the application of research findings
What is the purpose of research utilization? The application of available knowledge to improve patient outcomes (ex: using proper protocols when inserting a foley to reduce risk for UTI)
What does EBP include in addition to research utilization? EBP also integrates clinical expertise with the best available evidence from systematic research
What does clinical expertise refer to? The proficiency and judgement that nurses acquire through clinical experience and clinical practice
What question does EBP begin with? "What is the best possible evidence available to solve a clinical problem?"
What has become the gold standard for judging the strength and quality of grading the evidence? Randomized clinical trials (RCT0
What are the 4 major categories for associated with EBP? Therapy, treatment, diagnostic tests, and prognosis
What is the research practice gap? The period of time from which knowledge is produced, to the point at which it is practiced by health care professionals
What are the 3 limitations that are universal to science? 1. Shortage of coherent, consistent scientific evidence 2. Difficulties in applying any evidence to care of individual patients 3. Barriers to any practice of high quality medicine
What are the 3 limitations unique to the practice of EBM? 1. A need for developing skills in researching and appraising the research 2. The limited amount of time in practice to master such skills 3. Scarce resources to access the evidence
What are the 2 essential components of a background question? A question (who, what, where, how and why), and the outcome of interest. They tend to be opinion based rather than evidence based
The following are examples of what types of questions: "What causes migraines? What is the best diagnostic test for a kidney stone? How often should women over the age of 40 have mammograms? Background questions
What do foreground questions focus more on? Choices and decisions
Which 3 components of a PICOT question are ALWAYS present? Population/problem (P), Intervention (I), Outcome (O) Ex:In patients with acute bronchitis (P), do antibiotics (I) reduce sputum production, cough or days off(O)?
Created by: jessmgar