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EBP Chapter 1 M1

Introduction to Nursing Research

Empirical Data Documented evidence (data) gathered through direct observation rather than a researcher's subjective belief
Nursing Research A systematic process of investigating problems to gain knowledge about improving care that nurses provide
Nursing Science The body of knowledge that is unique to the discipline of nursing
Qualitative Research An approach for generating knowledge using methods of inquiry that emphasize subjectivity and the meaning of an experience for the individual
Quantitative Research An approach for generating knowledge based on determining how much of a given behavior, characteristic, or phenomenon is present (numbers, quantities)
Replication The ability of researchers to study using the same variables and methods or slight variations of them
Research Consumer A reader of nursing research whose objective is applying findings to nursing practice or using the findings to conduct further research
Research Team A group that collaborates to conduct a research project, from determining the initial research question through communicating the results
Scientific Method A systematic research process that involves the following steps: selecting and defining the problem, formulating research questions or hypotheses or both, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting results
Rigor Striving for excellence in research, which involves discipline, scrupulous adherence to detail, and strict accuracy
Scientific Inquiry The process of critically analyzing data that have been gathered systematically about a particular phenomenon
Triangulation Use of quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data about a particular phenomenon
Ways of Knowing (TATI) An assortment of methods used to acquire new knowledge, including: tradition, authority, trial and error, and intuition (TATI)
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