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5th grade science

Learn 5th grade concepts BY a end of the year 5th grader student

what is biomass/biofuels? energy from things like corn, poop, and ethanol
what is geothermal energy? heat energy from the earth
what is solar energy? energy from the sun
what is hydroelectric energy? energy from moving water
the earth spins on its? axis
what does the earth's revolution effect? seasons
what does the earth's rotation represent? day and night
what is nuclear energy? steam
logan drops a glass beaker during an experiment, what is the first thing he should do? tell the teacher
when doing an experiment how many variables should there be? 1
when preforming an experiment how many times should you conduct it? 3 or more
Gabriel and Josiah have just finished an experiment with soil, should they pour it down the drain or put it in the school garden? put it in the school garden
is a dog going to catch a toy and bringing it back a learned behavior or inherited trait? learned behavior
when a solid turns to a liquid what is it called? melting
when a liquid turns to a solid what is it called? freezing
when a liquid turns to a gas what is it called? evaporation
when a gas turns into a liquid what is it called? condensation
what is another word for oil? petroleum
what is it called when food chains all link together into one? food web
what is wind energy? energy from wind
chuy and edith make ice cream, they have a bad of the ingredients, and in the bigger bad ice and salt, why did they add salt? salt enhances how cold it is
what would be the best conductor for a circuit? a penny, wire, paper clip, or a quarter? wire
water is a conductor. true or false? true
how are fossils/fossil fuels formed? heat, time, and compaction.
what is the strongest part of the magnet the poles
true or false? a kid rolling his tongue is learned false
is crying as a baby learned or inherited? inherited
what is it? - has rocky landforms, canyons, has no life or atmosphere, and is made of rock the moon
is coal renewable or non-renewable? non-renewable
juan is going to buy ice cream for him and his friends. by the time they get back it has melted already. what caused this evaporation
the temperature is 75 degrees, air pressure and temperature will drop, what will the weather most likely be? cloudy and rainy
what is it called when a sponge takes in water? absorb or absorption.
how many phases of the moon are there? 8
how many planets are there? 8
which is the closest planet to the sun Mercury
which is the farthest planet from the sun? Neptune
which planet are we (Earth) in the solar system? the third
how does the first part of the O2 Co2 cycle work? A.plants take in o2 and breathe out Co2 - B.plants take in Co2 and let out o2 B. plants take in Co2 and let out o2
mixture or solution? salt water mixture
mixture or solution? Koolade solution
mixture or solution? sugar and water solution
a series circuit is... a circuit that if you turn one light off they all go off
a parallel circuit is... a circuit where if you turn one light off the others stay on.
a closed circuit is... working
an opened circuit is... non - working
what is transparent? all light can pass through
what is translucent? some light can pass through
what is opaque? no light can pass through
what is a herbivore? something that eats plants
what is a carnivore? something that eats meat
what is an omnivore? something that eats both plants and meat
error with this slide please move on. answer is freebie. freebie
Created by: Dante Borrego
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