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Maeve's Quiz

A quiz on New Zealand history to test our knowledge.

Whats New Zealand's biggest city? Aukland
Name the highest montain in New Zealand? Mount Cook
What's the main Sport in New Zealand? Rugby Union
What's the traditional dance preformed in New Zealand? The Haka
What's the native bird that represents New Zealand? The Kiwi Bird
Whats the montain range named in New Zealand? Montain Ranges of Otago
Whats the population of New Zealand? 4.596 Million people, (2015 update)
What oceans surround New Zealand? Tasman Sea and The South Pacific Sea
Is New Zealand polynesian? Yes
Are there two islands in New Zealand? Yes
Who did the Maori poeople fight? The Europeans and other tribes
What are New Zelands three languages? English, Maori and New Zealands sign language
How much of New Zealnd are humans? 5%
What species of animal does New Zealand hold the most of in the world? Penguins
What percentage of New Zealand are Maori? 15%
Whats the only native land animal in New Zealnd? Bats
How many sheep are there per person in New Zealand? 9 Sheep
How many km is the New Zealand costline? 15, 134km
What does Aotearoa mean? 'Land of the white cloud'.
How much of New Zealand is a protected national park? A third of it
What movie was produced in New Zealand? Lord Of The Rings
What side of the road do New Zealnder's drive on? The left side
Whats the highest export of food in New Zealand? Dairy products
How much percentage of New Zealand has been forested? 30%
How many kgs of butter does each New Zealander make a year? 100kgs
Whats New Zealands longest lake? Lake Taupo
Created by: Maeve_Sol



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