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Toxicology Metals

All the metal stuff for pharm final

All Hg To Hg++ (inorganic), half life = 1-2 monthes (long).
Hg0 ELEMENTAL, volatile (thermometers), inhaled, kidneys, cross BBB, INFLAMM in lungs (interstit pneumonia, corrosive bronch), thyroid, hematopo, ging, saliv, CNS (mem loss, excitable (erethism), depress, hallucin, thermoreg, dec fine motor).
Hg++ INORGANIC, chloralkali, paper industry, GI absorbtion (10%), kidneys, CORROSIVE, GI bleed, necrosis, circulatory shock, renal railure, immunologic glom inj (protein), target kidneys and neuropathy.
Methyl Hg ORGANIC, from Inorganic + water bugs (Japan fish, Iran grain), GI absorb 90%, brain, neurotox (periph, central), paral, atax, numb, neuranest (weak, tired, no concen), vision, hearing, spast, tremor, coma, death, terato (lots of proteins / mech bind DNA)
Treatment Hg Case of dimethyl poisoning. Hemodialysis, chelator, cysteine, penicillinase, britis, dimercaprol <-> antilewisite (BAL), nucleophile + Hg++ -> pulls out.
Pb++ Soil, water, paint, clothes, shoes, chinese toys, sources dec. Abosorb : inhale particles, eat (children absorb 40% adults 10%). Distribution : 1st high blood flow(liver, kidneys), blood (99% bound to Hb), then bone (high affinity with low blood flow).
Pb++ Elimination Kidneys (slow) and some minor. Half-life = 1-2 monthes (20-30 years from bone). Acute SEs (rare) : mouth, nauesea, GI, vommit, shock, nerves, hemolysis, kidneys (oliguria), death (high dose), cross to placenta. Chronic : CNS spawn, GI adults.
Chronic Pb++ Indepth GI, NMS (Pb palsy) -> nerves, wrist dropw, CNS, taste metals, dizzy, etc..., Coma > 60 = toxic cause metal retardation, > 10 spawn = subtle IQ issues. Hematologic (spawn esp) = porphyrin synthesis, renal (precipitates), other = lead line, death rare.
Pb Diagnosis BLL = recent exposure (30-75), chelate with EDTA to pull out of tissues.
Pb Treatments Treatment : support, seizures, fluids, edema, chelators like succimer. Organic : Tetraethyl in gas, lipid soluble, CNS.
Iron FeSO4 tablets (spawn eat), Iron OD (hemochromotosis, blood transfusion). Effects : vomit, GI ulcers, shock, metabolic acidosis, liver injury, renal failure. Mechanism : complex, ROS -> lipid perox -> organ damage. Antidotes : chelator (deferoxamine).
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