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Cicero List One

Cicero Frequency List One Vocabulary Cards

Abutor To waste, squander, abuse
Agere To drive, do, urge, conduct
Audacia Boldness, daring
Capere To seize, grasp
Concursus Collision, attack, crowd, tumult
Coniuratio Conspiracy, plot, alliance
Constrigere To bind fast, tie up, confine, restrain
Convocare To call together, assemble
Effrenare To unbridle, to let loose
Eludere To elude, escape from, cheat
Etiam And also, besides
Finis Boundary, end
Furor Madness, fury
Ignorare To not know
Iste, ista, istud That
Iactare To throw
Movere To move
Munitus Defended, fortified
Nocturnus Of night, nocturnal
Os Mouth
Patere To lie open, to stand open
Patientia Endurance, patience, tolerance
Praesidium Protection
Proximus Nearest
Scientia Knowledge
Sentire To feel, percieve
Senatus Senate
Sese Himself, herself, themselves
Superus Above, high
Tandem At last
Tenere To hold
Timor Fear
Created by: 18barkea