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Drug Indications

Drug Indications for EMS Use

Albuterol-Proventil/Ventolin, Class- Sympathomimetic Bronchodilator To relieve broncho spasm in patients with reversible airway obstructive airway disease (Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema) and accute attacks of broncho spasm
Atorphine Sulphate-Aptrophine, Class- Parasympatholytic To increase cardiac output in symptomatic bradycardia (e.g. Altered mental status, hypotension, cardiac ectopy, chest pain, CHF), Asystole, PEA
Epinephrine 1:1,000-Adrenaline/Epinephrine/EPI Class- Sympathomimetic For treatment of allergic reaction, difficulty breathing, asthma- .3-.5 mg SQ
Epinephrine 1:10,000-Adrenaline/Epinephrine/EPI Class- Sympathomimetic To restore cardiac rhythm in cardiac arrest of dead Pt's- 1mg IV push every 3-5 minutes Hives, difficulty breathing, <BP .3-.5 mg IV push
Activated Charcoal-Actidose, Class- Absorbant Injested poisons (acetominophen, aspirin, atropine, barbituates, and other drugs)
Ipratromim Bromide-Atrovent, Class- Parasympatholytic Bronchodilator Same as Albuterol- To relieve broncho spasms and COPD
Amiodarone-Cordarone, Class- Antidysrythmic Patient dead VFIB or PVT (300 mg IV push)Patient alive VFIB or PVT (150 mg IV push)
Aspirin, Class- Analgesic For chest pain only, no other reason
Calcium Chloride 10%-Calcium Chloride, Class- Electrolyte For treating Hyperkalcemia (elevated potassium), hypocalcemia (decreased calcium).
Diazepam-Valuim, Class-Sedative; Hyptnotic; anticonvulsant; benzodiazapine; antianxiety Stop seizures, muscle relaxer, and to induce amnesia before minor surgeries and cardioversion (diminishes recall of procedure)
Dextrose 50%-D50W, Class- Carbohydrate To increase blood sugar levels in Hypoglycemia
Diphenhydramine-Benadryl, Class- Antihistamine Allergic reaction and Anaphylaxis (blocks histamine release)
Dopamine-Intropin, Class- Sympathomimetic Hypotension (70-100mmHg) not caused by hypovolemia, to increase end-organ perfusion in cardiogenic shock
Furosemide-Lasix, Class- Loop Diuretic To treat acute Pulmonary Edema and CHF
Glucogon-Glucogen, Class- Hormone To increase blood glucose levels in hypoglycemia without IV access
Lidocaine-Xylocaine, Class- Antidysrhythmic To convert ventricluar dysrythmias (VFIB and VTACH) in cardiac arrest to sinus rhythm
Magnesium Sulfate-Magnesium, Class- Electrolyte TO reverse VFIB and Pulseless VTACH, reverse Torsades De Pointes, Asthma (after others), and manage seizures caused by Eclampsia
Morphine Sulfate-Morphine, Class- Narcotic Analgesic To relieve moderate to severe pain, Vasodilation, and Pulmonary Edema
Naloxone-Narcan, Class- Narcotic Antagonist To reverse the effects of narcotic analgesics, other drugs
Nitroglycerine-Nitrostat/Nitrospray, Class- Nitrate To relieve chest pain in Angina and MI, Vasodilator for perfusion
Nitrous Oxide-Nitronox, Class- General Anesthetic To relieve pain of muscoskeletal origin, burns, anxiety, suspected ischemic chest pain
Nor-Epinephrine Bitartrate-Levophed, Class- Sympathomimetic To restore blood pressure in certain accute hypotensive states, neurogenic shock
Ondansterone-Zofran, Class- Antiemetic Stop nausua and vomiting
Promethazine-Phenergan, Class- Antiemetic Stop nausua and vomiting
Sodium Bi-carbonate, Class- Electorlyte To treat Metabolic Acidosis
Terbutaline-Brethine, Class- Bronchodilator Asthma, COPD as bronchodilator
Thiamine-Vitamin B1, Class- Vitamin Delirium Tremors, Coma of unknown origin
Adenosine-Adenocard, Class- Antidysrhythmic Narrow, complex paroxysmol supraventricular tachycardia refractory to vagal maneuvers
Methylprednisolone-Solu-Medrol, Class- Steroid To reduce inflamation caused by severe anaphylaxis and asthma/COPD, to treat urticaria
AMIODARONE-Cordarone, Class: Antidyshrthmic Antiarrhythmic for V-Fib, Unstable V-Tach
Digoxin-Lanoxin, Class, Cardiac Glycoside Antiarrhythmic for SVT, A-Fib, A-Flutter, CHF, Cardiogenic Shock
Diltiazem-Cardizem, Class- Calcium Channel Blocker Antiarrhythmic for PSVT, A-Fib, A-Flutter, multi-focal atrial SVT
Etomidate-Amidate, Class- Hypnotic To induce sedation before intubation
Fentanyl-Sublimaze, Class- Narcotic Analgesic Control severe pain, induce sedation during RSI
Haloperidol-Halidol, Class- Antipsychotic To manage accute psychotic disorders
Labetolol-Normodyne, Class- Alpha & Beta Adrenergic To reduce blood pressure
Midazolam-Versed, Class- Sedative Sedation before intubation and for reducing seizures
Oxytosin-Oxytosin- Class: Hormone Stop uterine contractions and control postpartum hemmorage
Succinylcholine-Anectine, Class- Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker Paralytic used to ET intubate, 2-3 minutes IV, 10-30 minutes IM
Vasopressin-Pitressin, Class- Hormone; Vasopressor Used a vasodialator during CPR V-Fib and V-Tach
Vecuronium-Norcuron, Class- Nodepolarizing Skeletal Muscle relaxant Paralytic used to ET intubate, duration 24-40 minutes, half-life 30-80 minutes
Verapamil-Isoptin, Class- Calcium Channel Blocker Antiarrhythmic for PSVT, A-Fib, A-Flutter, Unstable Angina
Flumazenil-Romazicon, Class- Benzodiazepine Antagonist Benzodiazepine overdose
Lorazepam-Ativan, Class- Sedative To induce sedation for cardioversion.
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