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What is the best method used to kill bacteria washing hands
How long should you wash your hands? 20 sec
What is the proper length for your nails? 1/4 in
What part of the hands is the most often overlooked when hand washing? thumbs
What year was the first documented proof of physician hand washing? 1846
Who discussed the “shield” of hand washing? Oliver Wendell Holmes
What is the most common way to transmit germs? hands
What is the scientific name for germs? pathogens
When using an alcohol-based cleaner, when do you consider your hands clean? when its dry
What is Mortality rate the number of deaths in a given area or period,
List the methods of hand washing : Good, Best Good: plain soap, Better: anti-microbial soap, Best:alcohol based rub
Define Hand hygiene. removes or destroys microorganisms on hands
Write the steps for hand washing in the correct order. Advance paper towel dispenser 2. Turn on water using a clean paper towel for each handle 3. Wet hands keeping your fingertips tilted toward the drain 4. Apply soap liberally to make bubbles 5. Sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” while scrubbing
Created by: ls99510