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Cloning B1

What are plant cuttings? Cuttings of buds of parent plants that are kept in moist conditions until they are ready to plant to create a genetically identical copy of the parent plant
What are tissue cultures? A few plant cells are put in a growth medium with plant hormones and grow in to clones of the parent plant
What are some advantages to tissue cultures?(3) • Can be grown all year round • Quick • Take up little space
How do you clone animals using EMBRYO TRANSPLANTS?(5) Tyson Fury Shags Immigrants • Take the gametes from a prize animal • Use sperm to artificially fertilise egg cell • Split embryo many times before cells become specialised to create clones • Implant embryos in to many other female animals where offspring develops •Lots of animal
Explain how ADULT CELL CLONING is done.(4) • Remove unfertilised egg cell and remove nucleus • Insert complete set of chromosomes in to egg cell • Electric shock egg cell to divide cell • Implant in to surrogate mother when embryo is ball of cells and clone of original body cell will develop
What is a big issue with cloning? Explain why it is. You can get a reduced gene pool. This means fewer different alleles in one population so poor resistance to infection due to similar genes could wipe out the population.
How could cloning be used to benefit animals?(2) • Could be used to protect endangered species from extinction • Can lead to greater understanding in age related diseases and embryo development
What do some people worry about cloning?(2) • It could cause bad health for cloned animals • People could choose babies
Created by: GuyBrazier