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Final study guide for biology 101

All prokaryotic organisms lack a nucleus
A localized group of organisms that belong to the same species is called a population
Chemoautotrophic organisms such as the methanogens take inorganic compounds and initially convert them into organic carbohydrates
The first word of a scientific name, such as Giardia lamblia, is the genus name
A population of organisms consists of individuals of the same species within a biological community. These populations undergo genetic changes throughout time due to environmental influences. What term describes this evolutionary process? natural selection
Entropy is the measure of disorder in a system process by which my coffee gets cold as it sits on the desktop while I take this very scary test overall energy loss as the universe continues to expand and cool chaos, the random movement and loss of usable energy (e.)
A _____ is an obligate intracellular non-living parasite which can only replicate within a living cell. Even though these infectious particles are considered non-living, they contain DNA or RNA that is surrounded by a protein capsid. virus
Another term that could best describe bacterial life would be prokaryotic
What sugar is found in an RNA molecule? ribose
Which group would you most likely find multicellular organisms? Plantae
What best describes cyanobacteria bacteria? prokaryote
For a molecule to be considered organic it must contain what two elements? carbon and hydrogen
How do the greenhouse gases warm the lower atmosphere? Molecules such as methane and carbon dioxide become 'excited' when hit by infrared radiation.
Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have which of the following features in common? ribosomes
The study of algae is called phycology
Concerning a scientific study, an independent variable is a factor that the researcher manipulates
Visible light is a part of the _____________________, which also includes gamma rays, x rays, ultraviolet light, and radio waves. electromagnetic spectrum
The majority of life forms on Earth are unicellular
Why is it important that an experiment include a control group? Without a control group, there is no basis for knowing if a particular result is due to the variable
A unit of heredity existing on an organismal chromosome (DNA)? a gene
How far back does the first evidence of eukaryotic life occur in geological records? ~1.8 bilion years
An organism that can produce its own carbohydrates would be described as autotrophic
____________ are a symbiotic relationship between a fungal partner and an algal partner. Lichens
When organisms live together in a symbiotic relationship that is harmonious and seems to benefit both life forms, it is considered to be a ______________ relationship. mutualistic
HCl is a very strong acid because this molecule directly increases the amount of H+ ions in solution
The human being is made up of numerous cell types. Approximately how many cells make up the average human adult body? 10 trillion
How many eukaryotic domains are there? 1
An educated scientific guess or speculation is called a hypothesis
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