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Music Apprec Unit 6

What country was the impressionistic movement based? France
What is the musical term for the arrangement of chromatic pitches that is used in building twelve-tone composition? Twelve Tone Method
What is the musical style of the early 20th Century which attempts to evoke moods or atmospheres through rich and varied harmonies and timbres? Impressionism
What is the compositional style that uses each of the chromatic pitches equally? Twelve Tone Method
What musical style came into being in Germany as an "answer" to French Impressionism? Sprechgasang
What type of music lacks a central focus around a pitch? Atonality
What type of music is unspecified, whose elements may have s been determined by a spin of a wheel, rolling of a dice, drawing of a card etc. Chance Music
What type of music contains two or more tonalities simultaneously? Polytonality
What musical elements were questioned in the modernist movement? Melody, Harmony, and Tonality
What happened to the concept of harmony in the early 20th Century? Schoenberg"s technique of the 12 tone row became the generating force creating melody that over ruled harmony
What is the big band jazz of the 1930's and 1940's called? Swing
What is the musical term for the combination of jazz and rock? Jazz Fusion
Who was the leading composer of ragtime in the early 1900's? Joplin
Whose opera was controversial due to the projection of African American women leading their people out of darkness and into enlightenment through knowledge and education? Title? Porgy & Bess by Gershwin
What is the name of Joplin's lost opera? Treemonisha
What is the title of Stravinsky's most original and influential score of the first half of the 20th Century? The Rite of Spring
What were the major works Stravinsky composed in his early period? Ballets
After Stephen Foster, who was the first important American composer of the 20th Century? Stravinsky
Who was the leading French composer of the early 20th Century? Debussy
Who is known as the "Dean of American Music?" Copland
Which German composer was known for his atonal and twelve tone compositions? Wagner
Who is the Hungarian composer best known today for his research and analysis of folk music from his native land? Bartok
What wrote Fanfare for the Common Man? Copland
What wrote Pierrot Lunaire? Schoenberg
Who wrote Firebird? Stravinsky
Who wrote Appalachian Spring? Copland
Who wrote Variations on America? Ives
Who wrote Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun? Debussy
Who wrote Rite of Spring? Stravinsky
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