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AP Test Set 17

Social Welfare Entitlements

Block Grants A form of fiscal federalism where federal aid is given to the states with few strings attached.
Culture of Poverty The establishment of an income level by government that references the point at which an individual is considered to be living in poverty.
Entitlements Those benefits guaranteed by law paid to individuals by the federal government, such as Social Security.
Flat Tax An alternative to the progressive income tax where individuals pay the same percentage regardless of how much they earn.
Food Stamp Program Federally funded program gives food coupons to low income people based on income and family size.
Income Distribution The portion of national income that individuals and groups earn.
Medicaid A shared program between the federal and local governments that covers hospital and nursing home costs of low-income people.
Medicare Program that covers hospital and medical costs of people 65 years of age and older as well as disabled individuals receiving Social Security.
Poverty Line References the point at which an individual is considered living in what has been called a "culture of poverty."
Progressive Tax A tax based upon the amount of money an individual earned, such as an income tax. Became legal as a result of the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution.
Regressive Tax A tax that is imposed on individuals regardless of how much they earn, such as a sales tax.
Safety Net A minimum government guarantee that ensures that individuals living in poverty will receive support in the form of social welfare programs.
Social Welfare Entitlement programs such as Social Security and programs such as Aid to Dependent Children paid for by the federal government.
Workfare An alternative to the traditional welfare, where an individual is trained to work instead of receiving welfare.
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