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ag tiomáint róthapa driving too fast
sciorr an carr the car skidded
bhuail an carr the car hit
sleamhain slippery
leac oighir ice
na séirbhisí éigeandála the emergency services
an bhriógáid dóitéain the fire brigade
trí thine on fire
theip ar na coscáin the brakes failed
bhí an roth pollta the tyre was flat
soilse tráchta traffic lights
Ag caitheamh clogaid. Wearing a helmet.
Ag crith leis an bhfuacht. Shaking with the cold.
Ag cur fola bleeding
Ag splancáil. Flashing
Ar luas lasrach. Very fast
Ata swollen
Bád tarrthála. Lifeboat.
Bádh an fear. T he man drowned.
Baineadh tuisle asam, I tripped
Bhí mé sceimhlithe i mo bheatha. I was terrified.
Boladh ait. Strange smell.
Boladh deataigh. Smell of smoke.
Cneá wound
Crois sábhála. Seat-belt.
D’éalaigh siad. They escaped.
D’iompaigh an bád bun os cionn. The boat capsized.
Dóite go talamh. Burned to the ground.
Fluich go craiceann. Soaked to the skin.
Gan aithne gan urlabhra unconscious
I bpreabadh na súl. In the blink of an eye
Lasracha. Flames.
Leag carr mé a car hit me
Leagadh mé. I was knocked down.
Leon mé, I sprained.
Leonta. Sprained.
Maidí croise/Croisíní. Crutches
Neamh-aire. Carelessness.
Píobán uisce. Water hose.
Scall mé. I scalded
Seaca. frosty/icy
Scriosta. Destroyed.
Seaicéad tarrthála. Life jackets.
Shleamhnaigh mé I slipped
Splanc thintrí. Flash of lightening.
Stráice oighir. Patch of ice
Thit mé I fell
Tonnta ollmhór. Huge wave
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