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-IRE boot verbs

A broad selection of -IRE verbs (2nd conjugation)

to wound ferire
to obey ubbidire
to manage gestire
to exhaust esaurire
to bless benedire
to curse maledire
to hit colpire
to return (something) restituire
to meet riunire
to betray tradire
to lose weight dimagrire
to instruct istruire
to go mad impazzire
to understand capire
to send spedire
to build costruire
to insert inserire
to punish punire
to substitute sostituire
to establish stabilire
to recover; to heal guarire
to suggest suggerire
to sculpt scolpire
to fail fallire
to exhibit esibire
to adhere aderire
to attribute attribuire
to define definire
to digest digerire
to guarantee garantire
to transfer trasferire
to finish finire
to prefer preferire
to clean pulire
Created by: yalayla