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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
-ARE verbs (various) A broad selection of -ARE verbs Italian 2016-12-03 yalayla 73 10 edit
-ERE verbs (various) A broad selection of -ERE verbs Italian 2016-12-03 yalayla 63 9 edit
-IRE verbs (various) A broad selection of -IRE verbs (1st conjugation) Italian 2016-11-21 yalayla 21 5 edit
-IRE boot verbs A broad selection of -IRE verbs (2nd conjugation) Italian 2016-05-11 yalayla 36 3 edit
Verbi irregolari Italian verbs that are irregular in the present tense - infinitives only Italian 2009-06-27 yalayla 27 0 edit
Congiuntivo triggers Conjunctions and other words that often signal the need to use the congiuntivo Italian 2009-07-20 yalayla 11 0 edit
Cucinare e mangiare cibi da mangiare a pranzo e a cena Italian 2009-10-06 yalayla 90 1 edit
fare spesa e spese i negozi, chi ci lavora, le cose da comprare Unfinished 2009-10-12 yalayla 3 0 edit
Auguri! Expressions of good wishes Italian 2009-11-23 yalayla 16 2 edit
Aggettivi per tutti Adjectives from Prego 7 cap 2 Italian 2009-12-15 yalayla 68 0 edit
I vestiti da portare Clothing and accessories Italian 2016-11-21 yalayla 54 4 edit
Alcuni colori Some colors Italian 2009-12-15 yalayla 23 1 edit
attività quotidiane Some reflexive verbs from Prego! 7, chapter 7 Italian 2009-12-15 yalayla 33 0 edit
Attività reciproche Reciprocal verbs - Prego! 7 capitolo 7 Italian 2009-12-15 yalayla 14 0 edit
Politica e Società Politics and Society from Prego! 7 capitolo 16 Italian 2016-05-11 yalayla 45 2 edit
I mass media I mass media from Prego! 7 capitolo 8 Italian 2017-07-20 yalayla 41 2 edit
Emergenze Words to use in the case of an emergency: crime, disasters, cars Italian 2010-01-04 yalayla 84 1 edit
I passatempi Attività e passatempi da Prego! 7th ed capitolo 4 Italian 2010-03-19 yalayla 62 0 edit
Viva le vacanze! Words about travel based on chapter 10 of Prego, 7th edition Italian 2010-04-22 yalayla 56 0 edit
Partecipi Passati Irregular Past Participles - *indicates verbs that take ESSERE Italian 2010-06-01 yalayla 20 0 edit
Famiglia/università La famiglia e l'università - words about family and school from Prego! 7th ed. Italian 2010-06-29 yalayla 48 0 edit
Il corpo e la salute Words about the body and health from Prego! chapter 9 Italian 2010-07-06 yalayla 47 0 edit
Musica e teatro Vocabulary related to music and theater from Prego 7th ed. chapter 14 Italian 2010-07-20 yalayla 40 0 edit
Idioms w/Irreg -ARE Idioms with FARE, DARE, STARE, and ANDARE Italian 2011-03-15 yalayla 38 0 edit
Le belle arti Vocabulary about the arts from Prego! 7th edition chapter 15 Italian 2011-03-15 yalayla 48 0 edit
La salute - enrichme Vocabulary for body parts and for the emergency room at the hospital. Italian 2011-05-12 yalayla 82 0 edit
Qualcosa al bar Vocabulary to use at the bar - food, drinks, practical terms. Prego! 7 cap 5 Italian 2020-08-31 yalayla 75 1 edit

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