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CCHS Nurse Aide 1

Module W, P, V

A resident is dying. What are their 5 Physical Needs? 1. Positioning 2. Cleanliness 3. Mouth and Nose 4. Nutrition 5. Elimination
True or False: Most people die in their own homes False. Most people die in hospitals or long term care facilities
When a resident is within hours or days of death, name 3 observations to report to the nurse 1. Psychological and physical withdrawal 2. Level of alertness 3. Circulatory (mottled) 4. Respiratory (cheyne stokes) 5. Muscle tone 6. Sensory 7. Urinary or bowel control 8. Urinary color
True or False: For post mortem care, you should put a gown on the resident and cover perineal area with pad True
Should you open the drapes and doors in a room where a resident is dying? Yes
True or False: Chronic pain is considered short-term False. Chronic pain is considered long-term
Is music a comfort measure when dealing with pain? Yes
True or False: Acute pain is temporary True
What are 3 effects of pain? 1.Giving up hope 2.Depression 3.Anxiety 4.Withdrawal 5.Change in appetite 6.Decrease in activity involvement 7.Inability to sleep 8.Restlessness/agitation 9.Refusal to participate 10.Suicide 11.Negative effect on immune system 12.Increase risk in injury
What is the definition of pain? ANYTHING the patient says it is, occurring whenever the patient says it does.
Should a nurse aide get to know the family of the resident? Yes
True or False: Family helps with difficult decisions True
True or False: The nurse aide should encourage family to help feed the resident if they are present True
A family member has a family concern. What should you do? Refer family concern to the nurse.
True or False: Family is considered people that are blood related to the resident. False. Family is a group of people related by blood, marriage, or a feeling of closeness
Created by: lauren.tancora