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Fas Music and Techno

What is the potential for timbres? infinite
What did electric sound begin with? the phonograph
In 1990 what did Thaddeus Cahil invent? Telharmonium/Dynamophone
What was the Telharmonium/Dynamophone? a machine that used electrical current to produce sound
What is the Theremin? electronic instrument that generates only single tones
In 1948, where was the first electronic music studio created? Paris
What was the first electronic recorded music called? musique concrete
What was the process of electric composition? natural sounds were taped, edited, shaped, and then records on a magnetic tape
Who composed Wireless Fantasy in 1960? Vladimir Ussachevsky
What were the first synthesizers like? huge, impractical, and only a genius could work it
What did Robert Moog do to the synthesizer? added a keyboard
What was the 1st music synthesizers called? RCA Mark II
What Pop groups started to use synthesizers? Beatles and The Who
What did Leo Fender do in 1940? he began mass producing electric guitars
What genres made electric guitars popular? Country and Jazz
What did amplification allow for? musicians to perform outdoors and in stadiums
What did Jimmy Hendrix experiment with? a whole new range of amplified sound effects on his Fender Stratocaster
What transformed synthesizers from analog to digital?
What was the first digital commercial synthesizer called? the Yamaha DX-7-1983
What added a whole dimension to electronic music making? the computer
What does MIDI stand for? Musical Instrument Digital Interface
What does the MIDI do? uses a language of digital bits that the computer can store
What is sampling sounds? it is a recording process that begins with real sounds
Who was Tod Machover? American composer that made an entire orchestra out of 2 musicians
What 2 musicians did Tod Machover make an orchestra out of? Keyboard player and Percussionist
What else did Tod Machover develop? hyper instruments
What are hyper instruments? instruments with the help of computers respond to live musicians
What is Electronic Music? the art of creating and assembling unusual synthetic sounds into musical compositions
What is Drawback? the end product may sound similar to everyone else's work and lack of emotion
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