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-ERE verbs (various)

A broad selection of -ERE verbs

to light; to turn on accendere
to broadcast trasmettere
to comprehend comprendere
to consist consistere
to assume; to hire assumere
to convince convincere
to put out; to turn off spegnere
to believe credere
to need occorrere (a)
to put; to place mettere
to wait for; to attend attendere
to resolve risolvere
to descend; to climb down scendere
to happen succedere; accadere
to cry piangere
to quit smettere
to yield cedere
to fall cadere
to spend spendere
to fear temere
to include includere
to absolve assolvere
to allow permettere
to access accedere
to discuss discutere
to distinguish distinguere
to hide nascondere
to confuse confondere
to share condividere
to sell vendere
to see vedere
to close (to lock) chiudere (a chiave)
to ask chiedere
to live (biologically) vivere
to take prendere
to respond rispondere
to receive ricevere
to decide decidere
to pretend; to claim pretendere
to push spingere
to correct correggere
to enjoy godere
to conclude concludere
to participate; to assist assistere
to run correre
to break rompere
to laugh ridere
to defend difendere
to lose perdere
to write scrivere
to read leggere
to know (to be acquainted with) conoscere
to promise promettere
to divide dividere
to promote promuovere
to smile sorridere
to paint dipingere
to insist insistere
to exist esistere
to grow crescere
to win vincere
to descend scendere
to be born nascere
Created by: yalayla