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Module W, V, and P

Death is a natural conclusion to life. True or False True
How many stages are in a resident's response to death? 5
How should you leave the resident during post mortem care? Supine position with pillow under head
What are the 5 stages of death/grief? denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
The Nurse Aide should open drapes and door for a resident who is dying. True or false True
This type of pain is considered long-term Chronic
Giving up hope, depression and anxiety are signs of pain
Pain is... Anything the patient says it is
Men and women report the same level of pain. True or False False
Music may be used as a comfort measure for someone in pain. true or false True
Should you get to know the patient's family? yes
Nurse Aides should encourage residents to do their own grooming if they are able to. True or false. True
Is every family the same? yes or no no
Nurse Aides should invite families to activities. true or false true
You should yell at a resident's family when they complain multiple times to you about how your facility handles things. true or false False; use tact.
Created by: aphalberg