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Terminating an offer

What is the general rule regarding revocation of an offer? An offer can be revoked at any time prior to acceptance. The postal rule does not apply to revocations.
What case illustrates that revocation is valid at any time prior to acceptance? Payne v Cave
What case illustrates that the postal rule does not apply to revocations? Byrne and Co. v Leon van Tienhoven
What case illustrates revocation is possible before both the fact and communication of acceptance? Guardians of Navan Union v McLoughlin
Can revocation be revoked by a party other than the offeror? Refer to case law. Yes, any reliable source. Dickinson v Dodds.
What is the exception? Refer to case law. Where the revocation would have been communicated if the ordinary course of business were followed. Eaglehill Ltd. v Needham Ltd.
What case showed that the prescribed course of acceptance had to be completed? Walker v Glass
What case showed lapse of time can terminate a contract? Ramsgate Victoria Hotel v Montefiore
What case showed communication of death terminated a contract? Re Whelan
What cases showed an offer can be terminated by failure of a condition? Canning and Farquahar - serious injury terminated offer of life assurance. Financings Ltd. v Stimson - car damaged
What cases relate to revocation of a unilateral offer? Errington v Errington and Woods
What case shows the offerer of a unilateral offer cannot prevent performance being satisfied in order to terminate the contract? Daulia v Four Millbank Nominees
What was the ratio in Shuey v US? In a unilateral offer to the world at large, the revocation should take the same form as the offer, be for the same duration and have the same prominence.
What was the ratio in Hyde v Wrench? The general rule applies and rejection must be communicated
Created by: sineadgriffin