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Public Health Reform

Edwin Chadwick - 1834 Appointed secretary of poor law commissioners
Edwin Chadwick - 1842 Releases a report on the sanitary conditions of the labouring populations of Great Britain
Edwin Chadwick - 1848 Appointed secretary of the public health act
Edwin Chadwick - 1854 General Board of health dismissed
Dr. John Simon - 1848 Appointed medical officer of health for london
Dr. John Simon - 1854 General board of health dismissed
Dr. John Simon - 1858 Responsibility of public health passed to privy council, Dr. Simon named medical officer
Dr. John Simon - 1875 Second public health act - Changed from permissive to FORCED
Dr. William Duncan - 1848 Appointed medical officer of health in Liverpool
Dr. William Duncan - 1854 General board of health dismissed
Dr. John Snow - 1848 Finds that there is 8 times as many deaths amongst those who chose to drink from a certain water company which obtained its water from an area of the Thames where the sewerage of over 2 million people was disposed
Dr. John Snow - 1852 Public outcry leading to passing of metropolitan water act
Dr. John Snow - 1854 Broad street pump incident
What was Dr. William Budd's contribution? He found that something could be added to water to reduce the potently of infection
Who were the miasmatics? Dr. John Simon & Edwin Chadwick
Who were the contagionists? Dr. John Snow & Dr. William Budd
What is the epidemic constitution theory? Cyclical occurrences of disease were attributed to environmental conditions (droughts, famine, floods, etc.)
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