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Hardtrade foundation

Module 1- safety

Companies with strong safety cultures usually have lover? Turnovers
Poor Lighting, excessive noise, and inadequate guards for moving parts are examples of ? Unsafe conditions
The activity that consists of breaking a job component tasks and the analyzing each step for potential hazards is called a? Job safety analysis
A measure of the probability, consequences, and exposure related to an event is referred to as a ? Risk
If there is a hole in the floor od a structure, the preferred method of protecting workers from falls is to ? Cover the opening and label the cover
Make a list of five true statements regarding safety Safety is a learned behavior and attitude.
The D-ring or support point on a safety harness should be placed? In the middle of the back
A personal fall arrest system should be inspected monthly by? A competent person
Lanyards that have no shock-absorbing features are used for? Positioning
When placing a ladder against a platform or roof, the top of he ladder should extend above the point where the ladder touches the platform or roof by at least? 3 Feet(91cm)
When performing overhead work on scaffolding, what protective measures must be taken to prevent objects from falling and striking a person below? Toe boards, debris nets, or canopies must be applied
when stacking material such as bricks or blocks, do not stack materials beyond a ? 4:1 Height-to base ratio
Benching systems are prohibited in? type C Soils
In the absence of the other information, all soil in an excavation should be treated as if it is? type C soil
Daily inspection of an excavation must be performed by an? competent person
One of the most common grounding systems used for protection against accidental electrical shock is the? Three -wire-system
A Polarized electrical receptacle is used for? Double Insulated tools
A system that protects workers from the release of hazardous energy while they work with machines and equipment is referred to as? Lockout/tagout
In a Lockout/tagout situation, a personal lock and tag must be removed by? The person who applied them
Hard hats should be made of fiberglass or? Reinforced plastic
a good general rule about hearing protection is that it should be used if you must raise your voice for someone to hear you when they are? 2feet (61cm) away
when there is the potential to be exposed to asbestos, workers must? Report it to a supervisor and avoid disturbing it
The respirator that would be used where dust or solid particles might be inhaled is a? Half mask or mouth piece with a mechanical filter
One source of led on some job site is? Paint
Hepatitis can be caused by contact with Blood
Heat exhaustion differs from heat stroke in that? The body temperature rises slightly
When other workers are working near a welding operation, the standard practice is to? Screen the work area with welding shields
Which of the following conditions is considered life threating? Heatstroke
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