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Energy & Metabolism

If the (delta)H is lower than 0, the reaction is... Exothermic
If the (delta)H is greater than 0, the reaction is... Endothermic
What is the first law of thermodynamics? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred
What is the 2nd law of thermodynamics? A system tends to maximum entropy/disorder
Gibbs free energy equation with deltaH and deltaS deltaG = deltaH - T.deltaS
If deltaG is less than 0, the reaction.. Will occur spontaneously
If deltaG is greater than 0 the reaction.. Will not occur spontaneously
If deltaG is 0, the reaction.. Is at dynamic equilibrium
How is deltaG related to Keq? deltaG = -R.T.Ln(Keq)
What does coupling reactions allow? Allows unfavourable reactions (deltaG > 0) to occur by coupling with a favourable one (deltaG<0)
Enzyme classification, what is 1? Oxidoreductase
Enzyme classification, what is 2? Transferase
Enzyme classification, what is 3? Hydrolysases
Enzyme classification, what is 4? Lysases
Enzyme classification, what is 5? Isomerase
Enzyme classification, what is 6? Ligases
If a enzymatic product changes colour, how could we measure rate? Using a spectrophotometer
Why do we use a line weaver burk plot? Because Michaelis-menten plot can produce noisy data
What does the Km tell us about how good a substrate is for an enzyme? The lower the Km, the better the substrate is for an enzyme
How does Vmax and Km relate to the initial rate Vo = (Vmax.[S]) / (Km + [S])
How does a competitive inhibitor affect the michaelis menten plot? Vmax remains the same, Km increases
How does a competitive inhibitor affect a lineweaver burk plot? C stays the same, m changes
How does an uncompetitive inhibitor affect the michaelis menten plot? Vmax decreases, Km decreases
How does an uncompetitive inhibitor affect the lineweaver burk plot? m stays the same, C is changing
How does a non-competitive inhibitor affect a michaelis menten plot? Vmax decreases, Km decreases
How does a non-competitive inhibitor affect a lineweaver burk plot? It can do anything
How does substrate inhibition for an enzyme work? Final product inhibits the enzyme, slowing down the RDS
What enzyme catalysts the addition of phosphate group? Kinase
What enzyme catalyses dephosphorylation? Phophatases
What are the three chemical composition of hormones? Peptide/protein hormones Biogenic amines Steroid
What enzyme turns ATP to cAMP?
What enzyme is used in the phosphoinisitide pathway? Phosolipase C (PLC)
What does Phospholipase (PLC) do? Splits PIP2 into DAG and InsP3
What binds to the calcium channels on the endoplasmic reticulum in the phosphoinositide pathway? InsP3
How does insulin increase glucose uptake? Vehicle underneath the cell membrane full of glucose transporters fuses with the cell membrane
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