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Korean by freq 12

Korean words by frequency 551-601 see Wikitonary

질서 order (public)
담다 to put into a container
모이다 to be gothered (collected)
시민 citizens
회장 the chairman of a board, the president of an organization
빠르다 fast, soon
스스로 be oneself
아기 a baby
아저씨 a middle aged elder man (uncle, mister)
옛날 the past
이날 this day
제대로 properly
moon, month
던지다 to throw
공간 space (empty), room
이곳 here
마지막 the end, the last thing
벌이다 to start
병원 a hospital
자세 a posture
강조하다 to emphasize
경찰 the police
맡다 to take on a task or job
저녁 evening
한편 on the other hand
그러면 if so
기자 journalist
넓다 wide
시험 test, exam
a sleep, nap
주로 chiefly
훨씬 far away from normal
통일 unification
들어서다 to take up a position
건강 health
가깝다 near (time, distance)
건물 a building
시설 facilities
외국 a foreign country
어른 adult
주변 the vicinity
대신 substitution
원인 cause
팔다 to sell
차례 sequence
an army
Created by: nimble_sana