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6th Grade - chpt 10

Atlantic South America

Argentine cowboys, or _________________ herd cattle on the grasslands of the Pampas. gauchos
Argentina’s economic crisis in the early 2000s caused many professionals to lose their jobs and join the __________________________. informal economy
In the 1990s, Argentina joined ____________________, an organization that promotes trade and cooperation among the southern and eastern countries of South America. Mercosur
The Rio de la Plata is an ____________________, a partially enclosed body of water where freshwater mixes with saltwater. estuary
The Brazilian government moved their capital city, _____________________, to the middle of the country to try to get more people to move there. Brasilia
______________________, in southeastern Brazil, is the largest urban area in South America. Sao Paulo
______________________, is the largest city located on the Amazon River and is a major port and industrial city. Manaus
The ___________________ is the world’s largest river system. Amazon River
____________________, or the clearing of trees, has become a huge problem in the Amazon Basin in recent years. deforestation
In Argentina, the ___________________ is a large grassland region that has a humid subtropical climate and fertile soil. Pampas
The Parana River flows into the _______________________ and then into the Atlantic Ocean. Rio de la Plata
___________________________ is a problem in many parts of Atlantic South America because the soil has become infertile due to planting the same crops every year. soil exhaustion
Paraguay is the only country in Atlantic South America that is _____________________ or surrounded by land. landlocked
_______________________ is the capital of Argentina and the second largest city in Atlantic South America. Buenos Aires
A _______________________ is a giant urban area that includes a city along with its surrounding suburbs and cities. megacity
___________________________ is Brazil’s second largest city, located on the Atlantic coast in the southeastern portion of the country. Rio de Janeiro
Many people live in huge slums called ___________________ surrounding Rio de Janeiro. favelas
Which 3 groups played a role in shaping the history of Brazil? Portuguese, Indians, Africans
The Amazon River begins in the __________ and empties into the __________. Andes; Atlantic Ocean
Most of Atlantic South America is covered with which 2 types of physical features? plains and plateaus
How many regions is Brazil divided into? 4
Which religion is practiced by most of the people of Atlantic South America? Catholic
What is the most common way of making money on the Pampas? farming and ranching
Why is there such a small percentage of Indians and mestizos in Argentina today? killed or moved after independence
Who were the first people to live in ALL of the countries of Atlantic South America? American Indians
Explain what generally happens to the climate as you get further south in Atlantic South America. it gets colder and drier
What are 2 of the biggest environmental problems that they face in Atlantic South America (both are vocabulary words)? soil exhaustion and deforestation
Created by: mrsdyer316