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Australia Geography

What is the name of the physical feature located in the Coral Sea that is made from the skeletons of tiny sea animals? Great Barrier Reef
What is the name of the body of water off the northeastern coast of Australia? Coral Sea
What is the name of the mountain range that separates Australia into Outback and the Eastern coast? Great Dividing Range
What is the name of the desert located in south western Australia? Great Victoria Desert
What physical feature keeps the outback from receiving rainfall? Great Dividing Range
Where do most of the people in Australia live? Southeastern coasts
What is the name of the red rock formation in the center of Australia in the Northern Territory? Ayers Rock
What is the term caused by global warming that refers to when the coral in the Great Barrier Reef to turn white? bleaching
What are the four cardinal directions? N, S, E, W
What are the four intermediate directions? NE, NW, SE, SW
Why do people live on the south eastern coast of Australia? It has good climate, adequate rainfall, two rivers, and lots of resources.
What is the the ocean to the east of Australia Pacific
What is the ocean to the west of Australia Indian
What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
What is the name of the 75% of Australia west of the Great Dividing Range? Outback
What is the island state of Australia? Tasmania
What is the name of the two territories in Australia? Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory
What is the name of the two states where most of Australia's people live? Victoria and New South Wales
What state in Australia in located furthest west? Western Australia
What state is near the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef? Queensland
What state is south of the Northern Territory? South Australia