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Micro Exam 3


Trench Fever mouth exposure, 2 weeks for symptoms, sudden fever, dizziness, weight loss, skin rash, muscle and bone pain
Cat-scratch disease red bumps on skin, fatigue, discomfort, swelling of lymph nodes near lesion
Rabies bite from wild animal, dizziness, fatigue, delirium, nausea, muscle spasms
Chagas Disease mild symptoms: body ache, fever, headache, swelling around eye, pain in abdomen
Scarlet Fever bright red rash, sore throat, high fever, enlarged neck lymph nodes
Tetanus recent puncture wound, fever, high blood pressure, episodes of shortness of breath, muscle spasms
Botulism recent consumption of expanded canned food, difficulty swallowing or speaking, facial weakness, failed vision, nausea
Leprosy pain in joints, blisters, ulcers, nervous system failure
African Sleeping Sickness weight loss, pain in joints, increased sleepiness, fever, confusion, swollen lymph nodes
Lyme disease recent tick bite, swelling and stiffness of joints, bull's eye rash Field mice- animal reservoir
Typhus early flu like symptoms, rash on trunk spreads to extremities Human body louse- carrier
Bubonic/black plague cough with blood, very large lymph nodes in armpit, groin, or neck, fever, chills, delirium
Typhoid fever bloating, constipation, growing fever, rash with small red dots
Yellow fever common in central america, yellowing skin/eyes, bleeding, nausea, jaundice
Tularemia recent exposure to dead animals, skin ulcer at site of abrasion, enlarged regional lymph nodes
Septic shock confusion, rapid breathing and heartbeat, low BP, high white blood cell count
Viral hemorrhagic fever red eyes, internal bleeding, red spots, expelling blood
Legionnaire's disease recent exposure to lots of standing water, pain in chest, fever/chills, confusion
Cutaneous anthrax papule then vesicles, ulcerated area is covered by black scar
Brucellosis Undulant fever
Gastrointestinal anthrax nausea, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea
Pulmonary anthrax mild fever, coughing, chest pain
Gas gangrene tissues swell due to gases produced
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever sudden onset of fever and headache, rash, abdominal pain, red eyes
Haemophilus influenza mircoscopic examination of cerebrospinal fluid reveals gram negative rods
Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease after receiving a corneal transplant, a woman developed dementia and loss of motor function, became a comatose and died, negative cultures, serological tests were negative
Pseudomonas aeruginosa scrapings of rash show gram negative rods
Neisseria meningitdes patient in coma had fever, headache, stiff neck, rash did not fade, violent vomiting, gram + diplococci
Sporothrix schenkii gardener with large ulcers on hands and wrists, bacterial cultures and serological tests are negative, ulcers fade with KI
Candida albicans whitish overgrowth of oral cavity
Naegleria fowleri 8-yr-old in coma, severe headaches, swimming in stagnant pond, negative bacterial cultrues
Francisella tularensis skin ulcer on leg at same site of cut, recently hiked south table and saw lots of dead rabbits, groin lymph nodes enlarged
Created by: mbehr