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Stage 13

Salvius dominus
Rufilla uxor
Philus numerare potest
Bregens semper fessus ignarus
Varica vilicus
Loquax cantare potest
Anti-Loquax saltare potest
What Roman 1st invaded Britain Julius Ceaser
Who was the 1st emperor of Rome? Augustus
Which Roman emperor finally conquered Britain? Claudius
Who was the 1st Roman governor Britain Aulus Plautius
where was a temple which commemorated the invasion of Britian com
what governor wanted to bring civilization to the Britias Ceaser
did Britains pay taxes to rome yes
what professions benefitted from the roman conquest commander, governer, military
what group performed religious ceremonies for the emperor Arval Brotherhood
why did claudius conquer britian power
how long did the romans occupy Britian 400 years
who were the roads built for military
who were the religious leaders of the celts druids
what was the last battle of Scottish resistance agricola led his army into scottish highlands 7-year stay
when did the romans first invade Britain 55 bc 55 bc
what was salvius military experience yes
Created by: dancingmelon