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PN 110 urinary

PN 110 urinary syste

functional unit of the kidney nephron
this part of the nephron dips into the renal medulla loop of Henle
this organ filters blood and helps remove waste kidney
the tube between the kidney and the bladder ureter
this provides a storage tank for the urine urinary bladder
these folds in the bladder stretch out as the bladder fills rugae
this posterior pituitary hormone causes water to be reabsorbed in the kidney antidiuretic hormone
a condition caused by the lack of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) diabetes insipidus DI causes the urine to be very dilute
this tube inside the kidney reabsorbs water and concentrates the filtrate collecting duct
a mass of twisting capillaries in the Bowman's capsule glomerulus
this convoluted tubule comes before the loop of Henle proximal convoluted tubule
protein in the urine proteinuria
tube from the bladder to the outside urethra
the inability to control urine urinary incontinence
a drug or substance that increases urine volume diuretic
low urine output oliguria
a build up of urea and other waste products in the blood because of poor kidney function uremia "urine in the blood"
double layer of epithelial cells that wrap around the glomerulus Bowman's capsule (glomerular capsule)
the amount of fluid filtered by both kidneys is known as Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)
a process that artificially filters blood as a kidney would dialysis
The adrenal gland hormone that causes the body to retain sodium (and thus water) This causes an increase in blood pressure. aldosterone
opening at the end of urethra meatus
outer region of the kidney renal cortex
inner region of the kidney renal medulla
location of kidneys retroperitoneal (behind the peritoneum) Kidneys are in the back, tucked under the bottom ribs.
the heart releases this hormone when blood pressure is elevated it causes the kidney to release sodium (and water) Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP)
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