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Unit 3B Exam

Unit 3B Lesson 10

How is the glass in a greenhouse similar to greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere? They both allow light in and trap heat.
Name some factors that could effect an areas climate? Latitude, nearby oceans or mountains.
Where should you go to stay safe in a tornado? Get to low areas such as a basement or a cellar.
There is a thunderstorm outside, would it be safe to hide inside a metal shed? No!
What are some of the effects of global warming? Drought, melting glaciers, dramatic temperature changes
What do weather maps use to show areas that have the same atmospheric pressure? Isobar lines
As altitude increases, what happens to the temperature? The temperature decreases.
What conditions will start a hurricane? A low pressure area over warm ocean water.
Why does water condense on the ground in the early morning? The air temperature near the ground has reached its dew point.
Name some adaptations that animals have developed to live in extremely cold regions? Hibernation, thick fur,
What will happen when an area reaches 100% humidity? Water vapor will condense into water drops
What is the term used to describe the specific temperature at which water vapor begins to condense to into liquid water? The dew point
What happens to water vapor as it rises into cooler air? It condenses to form a cloud.
Which types of clouds indicate fair weather? Cirrus or Cumulus.
What is the difference between sleet and hail? Sleet is under 5mm in diameter. Hail is over 5 mm in diameter.
Name some easy ways that we call all help reduce global warming? Reduce our use of electricity, reduce our use of fossil fuels, Use clean, renewable energy sources, conserve water, recycle, Plant trees,
Why do people build dams and levees? To control flooding and store water.
What is the difference between hail and frozen rain? Water drops turn to ice as they fall through cold layers of the atmosphere to make hail. Frozen rain only freezes once it hits the cold ground.
Which type of clouds indicate rain or drizzle? Stratus or Cumulonimbus
How is snow formed? When clouds are cold enough, water vapor converts directly into ice crystals without first becoming liquid water.
How can we get so many different forms of ice precipitation such as snow, hail, and frozen rain? There are layers of different temperatures in the atmosphere. Water and ice are effected by these different temperatures as they fall.
Created by: scanto