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MOA and Concerns

Big drug classification with MOA and Concerns

ACE INHIBITORS (enalaPRIL) -Prevent the conversion of anigotensin 1 to angiotensin 2, potent vasoconstriction which stimulates aldosterone - monitor b/p and serum K ( Hyperkalemia)
CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERS (nifeDIPINE) -inhibits transport of Ca into the myocardial vascular smooth muscle -inhibits excitation-contraction coupling and subsequent contraction -results in coronary and systemic vasodilation -monitor b/p and pulse *diltiazem and verapamil- different endings
BETA-BLOCKER (atenOLOL) -blocks stimulation of Beta 1(heart) adrenergic receptors and beta 2 (lungs, vascular, and uterine) receptor sites - monitor b/p & heart rate *labetalol & carvedilol- still beta blockers *Carvedilol- Only BETA 1
NITRATES (isosobide diNITRate) -Increases coronary blood flow by dilating coronary arteries -produces vasodilation -decreases afterload -monitor b/p -headache is common side effect
PENICIILINS (amoxiCILLIN) -Binds to bacterial cell wall resulting in cell death _PRP resists penicillinase, an enzymes which inactivates penicillin -Useful with Gram + and - infections Watch for anaphylaxis
CEPHALOSPORINS (CEFazolin) -Binds to bacterial cell membrane causing cell death; useful with Gram + &- infections; observe for Rashes; Use with caution in people allergic to PCN; 3rd generation; maybe able to take a 2nd or 3rd generation if allergic to 1st generation
AMINOGLYCOSIDES (tobraMYCIN) -inhibits protein synthesis in bacteria at the level of the ribosome; Only gram - infections;OTOTOXIC (tinnitus) & NEPHROTOXIC (watch renal values); Trough- lowest level prior to next dose (10-20 lab value norm); Peak- Highest level after dose is given
QUINILONES (ciprofloxACIN) -inhibits baterial DNA synthesis -used for UTI, lower resp. infections Gram + and - infections
TETRACYCLINE (doxyCYCLINE) -inhibits baterial protein synthesis at the level of the ribosome; take 1 hr before or 2 hours after meals; Ca inhibits absorption; Do NOT take if pregnant or children less than 8; cause permanent staining of teeth
MACROLIDE (aziTHROMYCIN) -inhibits protein synthesis at the bacterial ribosome -same ending as aminoglycosides, plus "thro" MAJOR GI UPSET- Side effect
ANTIVIRAL (acycloVIR) -Interferes with viral DNA synthesis -inhibits viral replication -decreased shedding and reducing healing time
ANTIFUNGALS (metronidAZOLE) -inhibits synthesis of fungal cell wall (work in varying mechanisms to achieve this effect -May be given IV, PO, or topically -Fungal overgrowth found everywhere in the body
HISTAMINE H2 ANTAGONISTS (famoTIDINE) -used in the treatment of gastric disorders -inhibits the action of histamine at the h2 receptor site located mainly in the parietal cells, resulting in less gastric secretions
BRONCHODILATORS (thoPHYLLINE) -used in treatment of airway disease to dilate bronchi and improve oxygentation -used in pneumonia, COPD, aspiration, bronchitis Side Effects: Palpitations, nervousness, insomnia
BARBITAL FAMILY (phenoBARBITAL) -produce CNS depression on many levels -Assess LOC, BP, may have decreased HR
BENZODIAZEPINES (lorazePAM;alprazoLAM) -Depresses the CNS -Produce musculoskeletal relaxation -Monitor: safety, b/p, and LOC
STERIOD (methlypredniSOLONE) -decrease inflammation in various disease processes -must wean from slowly -cause gastric irradiation (give with H2 Blockers) -decrease lymph count -elevated blood sugars
Created by: rachrn26