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Digital Citizenship

Key Terms for Digital Citizenship

Digital Footprint The electronic trail left behind each time a digital device is used. This includes websites visited, comments, and messages.
Cyberbullying Bullying of a person through digital devices. Includes sending or posting threatening or intimidating messages, texts, and videos.
Copyright A law that gives the owner of a written work, music, art, or other creative work the right to decide how other people can use it.
Social Media Online communities where people make personal connections and share information, ideas, and personal messages.
Personal Information Information that needs to be kept private such as social security numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers.
File Sharing Transmitting files from one device to another.
Online Safety Protecting yourself and information from any threats or dangers while online.
Digital Citizen One who engages in responsible and appropriate technology use.
Ethical Making choices that do not negatively affect others.
Piracy The recording or distribution of copyrighted materials.
Plagiarism Claiming another persons work as your own.
Empathy Being aware of and sensitive to how someone else might be feeling.
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