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Respiratory Drugs

Albuterol [PROAIR]; bronchodilator,SA B2 agonist, SE: overdose activates B1 (inc HR, BP)
Salmeterol [SEREVENT DISKUS] bronchodilator, LA B2 agonist, SE: not mono therapy, N/D, headache, nervous, palpitations, asthma related deaths (BBW)
Ipratropium [ATROVENT HFA], Muscarinic antagonist, bronchodilation, SE: Anti-C
Theophylline Methylxanthine, Relaxes smooth muscle (bronchodilation), SE: narrow therapeutic index, convulsions, dysrhythmias, DDIs: caffeine and cimetidine (impedes metabolism which increases toxic risk)
Prednisone (oral) Oral/IV; suppress inflammation/inhibit immune response; TX prophylaxis, 1st line therapy for mod/sev asthma; SE: adrenal suppression, bone loss (take Ca/vit D)
Diphenhydramine [BENADRYL]; Antihistamine, 1st gen H1 R antagonist; TX prevents itching, sneezing and rhinorrhea; SE: sedation, Anti-C
Loratadine [CLARITIN]; Antihistamine, 2nd gen H1 antagonist; TX prevents itching, sneezing, rhinorrhea, urticaria (skin rash); SE: sedation, Anti-C
Monteluksat [SINGULAIR]; Leukotriene modifier, suppress leukotrienes>suppress inflammation and bronchoconstriction; TX: maintenance therapy (asthma/copd); SE: headach, GI; DDIs with GC
Cromolyn Mast Cell Stabilizer; Inhibits release of histamine>suppress inflammation; TX: prophylaxis of asthma, PRN, anticipation of acute episode, 1st line tx for Mod asthma; SE: safest of all anti-asthma meds
Omalizumab [XOLAIR]; IgE antagonist; Inhibits IgE binding to r's of Mast cells and basophils>limits allergic response; TX: mild/sev persistent allergic asthma not controlled with inhaled GC; SE: headache, viral/resp infections (sinusitis), anaphylaxis (BBW)
Fluticasone/Salmeterol [ADVAIR DISKUS]; Combo GC/LABA; Anti-inflammatory/ immunosuppressive/ bronchodilator; TX asthma/ copd; SE: hoarsness and candidiasis,
Ipatropium/Albuterol [COMBIVENT]; Combo Anti-C/SABA; Antagonizes muscarinic/B2 Agonist; TX: bronchodilation, COPD pts who require a second bronchodilator; SE: Anti-C, B1 activation (>HR, BP)
Pseudoephedrine [SUDAFED]; A1 agonist; stimulate A1 rs on smooth muscle and nasal blood vessels>vasoconstriction and decreased nasal drainage; TX: temp relief of nasal congestion; SE: CNS stimulation, *rebound congestion*, CV effects, hemorrhagic stroke, Abuse potential
Codeine Opioid antitussive; antagonize Mu rs/direct central action in the medulla; TX: most effective to < frequency and intensity of cough; SE: CNS effects (dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, respiratory depression); GI distress N/V/C; Potential for abuse
Dextromethorphan [ROBITUSSIN DM]; non-opioid antitussive; Sigma r stimulation/< sensitivity to cough r's in medulla cough center; TX: most effective non-opioid; SE: NONE
Guaifenesin Expectorant; < mucous viscosity; TX: temporary relief of congestion and upper resp cough; SE: dizziness, headache, N/V/D, stomach pain, rash, uticaria (hives)
Cortisone SAGC; <inflammation by suppressing migration of leukocytes, reversal of cap permeability; management of adrenocorticol insufficiency; SE: RISK of infection, osteoporosis, adrenal suppression, GI discomfort, Peptic ulcer
Prednisone IAGC; <inflammation by suppressing migration of leukocytes, reversal of cap permeability; TX: allergic rhinitis, anaphylaxis, atopic dermatitis (eczema); SE: (same as all GCs) fluid retention, HYPERglycemia, HYPOkalemia
Dexamethasone LAGC; <inflammation by suppressing neutrophil ; reversal of cap permeability; TX: anti-inflammatory or immuno suppressant for allergy/dermatologic; SE: risk of infection, osteoporosis, adrenal suppression, GI discomfort, Peptic ulcer
Cyclosporine Calcineurin inhibitor; Inhibits prod/release of Interleukin II >>inhibits activation of T-lymphocytes; TX: prophylaxis of organ rejection and severe RA; SE: risk of infection, Hepatotoxicity (jaundice), Nephrotoxicity (hirsutism), (BBW)>>HTN, skin-cancer
Aspirin 1st gen NSAID w/anti-platelet activity; irreversibly inhibts COX1 (GI) and COX2 (prostaglandins); TX: pain, RA, analgesic/anti-pyretic/anti-inflammatory; SE: GI, bleeding, renal impairment, salicylism (tinnitus, sweating, headache, dizziness), Reye's syn
Ibuprofen [ADVIL, MOTRIN]; 1st gen NSAID; reversibly inhibits COX1/2; TX: dysmenorrhea, analgesic/anti-pyretic/anti-inflammatory; SE: less gastric bleeding, less platelet aggregation
Celecoxib [CELEBREX]; 2nd gen COX2 inhibitor; TX: juvenile idiopathic arthritis, osteoarthritis, RA, acute pain, dysmenorrhea, analgesic/anti-pyretic/anti-inflammatory; SE: heart valve damage, thromboembolytic events (MI, Stroke)
Adalimumab [HUMIRA]; TNF antagonist; binds to TNF-alpha>>stops cytokine-driven inflammatory response; TX: RA; SE: RISK of infection (TB), severe skin reactions (HYPERsensitivity), HR; BBW>>(severe infections risk)
Methotrexate [TREXALL]; DMARDS, folic acid inhibitor; inhibit DNA synthesis; TX: severe psoriasis, RA; SE: risk of infection, low WBC/neutropenia, thrombocytopenia; BBW (acute renal failure
Allopurinol [ZYLOPRIM]; xanthine oxidase inhibitor; prevents conversion of uric acid; TX: management of pri/sec gout and HYPERuricemia; SE: hypersensitivity syndrome (rash, fever, liver/kidney damage) ; N/V/D, drowsiness, headache, metallic taste
Probenecid Uricosuric agent; prolongation/elevation of beta-lactam plasma levels; TX: HYPERuricemia associated with gout; SE: mild GI effects, hypersensitivity reactions, Renal injury
Colchicine [COLCRYS]; anti-gout microtubule inhibitor; inhibits B-tubulin>>prevents degranulation of neutrophils; TX: acute gout flares, pri. billary cirrhosis, percarditis; SE: GI effects, myleosuppression (bone marrow is <), myopathy (disease of muscle tissue)
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