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Unit 3B Quiz

Lesson 4 Quiz - Water, Weather, and Clouds

What is it called when liquid water on Earth's surface turns into water vapor in the atmosphere? Evaporation
What kind of weather phenomenon could occur if an area of low pressure develops over warm ocean water? A Hurricane
True or False? In a lightening storm, a secure metal shed would be a safe place to take cover. FALSE!!
What do you call storm that has a violently rotating column of air that is touching the ground? A Tornado
At what point is frozen precipitation given the name 'hail' or 'hailstone?' Once it becomes 5 millimeters or more in diameter.
What is precipitation? Water droplets in a cloud combine until they become too heavy and fall to the ground.
What effect does high altitude have on clouds? The cloud is made of ice crystals because of the cold temperature
What is a cloud called when it is formed at ground or near the ground? Fog
Who got more water, humans or dinosaurs? The same. There is the same amount of water now as there was millions of years ago.
What is the relative humidity when air temperature reaches the dew point to form water droplets? 100%
What will happen when water vapor rises into cooler air? It will condense to form a cloud.
How does dew form? Water condenses near the ground because it reaches the dew point in the cold night air.
Where in the atmosphere is air temperature the coldest? At high altitudes
What type of weather should you expect when you see stratus clouds? Rain or drizzle.
At what point is frozen precipitation called 'sleet?' When the ice droplets are less then 5 millimeters in diameter
At high altitudes when clouds get really cold, water vapor can freeze into ice crystals which condense and fall to the ground. What do we call this phenomenon? Snow.
What is the difference between snow and sleet or hail? Snow forms as ice crystals in a cloud but sleet/hail are raindrops that fell from a cloud and later froze as it was falling through the air.
What is freezing rain? Rain drops that fell from the sky but froze after touching a cold surface.
Created by: scanto