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Fri April 6 Review

What is the function of a plant's seeds? Reproduce sexually
What is the function of a plant's leaves? To perform photosynthesis; make food for the plant
What is the function of a plant's roots? To get water & nutrients from the ground
What kind of reproduction is vegetative reproduction, spores in fungi, fragmentation, budding, runners, and rhizomes? asexual reproduction
What is the female part of the flower? pistil
What is the male part of the flower? stamen
What kind of production includes eggs, flowers, seeds, pollination, fertilization, zygotes, and fruit? sexual reproduction
Name 3 nonrenewable energy sources. oil, coal, natural gas
What is the energy source that burns plant and animal waste? biomass
Name 3 kinds of renewable energy. solar, hydroelectricity (or hydropower), wind turbines
What are the main concerns with using fossil fuels? pollution, greenhouse gases, limited supply
What is a main concern for using solar, wind, or hydroelectricity? expensive
What is a kind of car that runs partly on electricity and partly on gasoline? hybrid
What is created by 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom? water molecule
Water, sugar, and salt are all examples of what? compounds
Hydrogen and oxygen are classified as what? elements
Minerals are composed of what? elements
Rocks are composed of what? minerals
What does a prism do to light? refract it; allows you to see all the colors in white light
What causes some objects to float and others to sink? density
What organism converts waste into nutrients for plants? decomposers
What kind of animal eats both meat and plants? omnivore
Which sides of a magnet repel each other? the same poles - north & north or south & south
Which sides of a magnet attract each other? opposite poles - north & south
When you state a measurement you made or something you saw, such as color of something, you are giving a what? observation
What is composed of tiny bits of weathered rock and organic material? soil
What is the danger of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers? pollute the environment; endanger animals in waterways
An earthquakes occurs near a crack in the Earth's crust called a what? fault
What kind of plate boundary cause an earthquake? transform boundary
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