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CNE Study Guide I

NLN CNE Study Guide. Chp 1 Diane M. Billings 3rd ed

Is the use of the lecture method solely is an accepted teaching method? Faculty are integrating the use of technology into their teaching and promoting the active involvement of students in the learning process. The use of lecture soley is not an accepted teaching method
There is not a growing minority population. All nurses must increase their skills to meet the needs of this underserved group. There is a growing minority population and the application of cultural competency content requires major revision of some nursing curricula.
Serving on committees or task forces at the department, school, or university level is also an ________________________ of faculty. expectation
Tenured faculty have the right and responsibility to _______________ more junior colleagues. mentor
Nursing care delivery is changing to a _________________________,______________________ system community-based, consumer-driven
The AACN reports that there is a growing need for increased numbers of __________ prepared nurses, not only to teach but also to collect and analyze data necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of health care and to identify trends of future development. doctorally
The core responsibility of faculty is the _____________ and ______________ that takes place in the institution. teaching , learning
Many institutions of higher learning now lay ________ to works developed by faculty because the faculty member was hired to develop the content. claim
Peer evaluation is a vital aspect of faculty _________________ and is part of the _______________________ data considered in the decision-making process for promotion and tenure. development , documentation
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