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Rock cycle test

What kind of texture would an igneous rock have that cools very quickly? Smooth
When all the grains in a rock are large and easy to see, is the rock fine grained or coarse grained? Coarse grained
Rock that forms from the cooling of magma below Earth's surface is called __________________. Igneous
Igneous rock that forms from lava erupting on Earth's surface is called _________________. Extrusive
Most metamorphic rock comes from _______________ _____________ Earth's surface. Deep inside
The most abundant intrusive rock is _______________. Granite
_________________ is the process by which sediment settle out of water or wind by carrying it. Deposition
Chalk that forms form sediment made of skeletons of microscopic living things in the ocean is an ________________ rock. Organic
Heat and pressure beneath Earth's surface can change any rock into ___________________ rock. Metamorphic
The heat that changes a rock into metamorphic rock comes from the heat of the ________________. Mantle
How do geologists classify Metamorphic rocks? By the arrangement of their _____________. Grains
When a Metamorphic rock has grains that are arranged in parallel layers, is classified as __________________. Foliated
A series of processes on Earth's surface and in the crust and mantle that slowly changes from one rock to another is called a ___________ ______________. Rock cycle
If two continental plates collide, and one is forced down toward the heat of the mantle, what type of rock could be produced? Metamorphic
_______________ is the process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together. Cementation
Rocks are made up of a mixture of _____________ and other materials. Minerals
Heat and pressure can change an igneous rock into a ________________ rock. Metamorphic
What is the most common extrusive rock? Basalt
What is the most common intrusive rock? Granite
A metamorphic rock that does not have it's grains arranged in bands is said to be ____________-_______________. Non-Foliated
The uplift, folding , and faulting that move rocks through the rock cycle are caused by movements of Earth's tectonic _____________. Plates
In the rock cycle, melted rock from the _____________ moves upward when oceanic plates move apart. Mantle
What process presses layers of sediment together? Compaction
The process in which dissolved minerals stick together to form sedimentary rock is called _____________________. Cementation
What is the carrying of rock fragments, by water, wind, or ice called? Erosion
What causes of rocks to change into metamorphic rock? Heat and pressure
Sediment settles out of moving water by the process of _________________. Deposition
When water in seas or lakes evaporates, what type of sedimentary rock is formed? Chemical
_______________ Is small, solid material that come from rocks or living things. Sediment
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