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Marine Vertebrates 2

Marine Vertebrates Keyword review

Agnathans class of marine vertebrates that have no jaws or appendages
Chondrichthyes class of cartilaginous fish, well-developed jaws
Osteichthyes class of bony fish
Chromatophores pigment containing or pigment producing cell that color the skin
Iridocytes cells that contain iridosomes and scatter light giving a reflective appearance
Countershading development of dark colors on body parts exposed to the sun, light colors on shaded parts, used for concealment
Placoid platelike scales found on sharks
Ecotherm cold blooded
Endotherm warm blooded
Cetaceans marine mammals with nearly hairless body, flippers, limbs and notched tail
Baleen flat flexible plates with frayed edges in two rows used to trap food
Pinnipedia aquatic carnivorous mammals with webbed feet
Sirenians order of sea cows
Shunting act of turning aside or moving on an alternate course
Lateral line detects disturbances in the water
Barbel tasting and feeling
Operculum bony flap, gill cover on fish
Dorsal Fin unpaired keel (top of body), keeps fish from rolling
Pectoral fin paired, brakes and steering
Caudal fin unpaired, propel and maneuver fish
Pelvic fin paired, keeps fish horizontal
Anal fin unpaired keep, keeps fish from rolling
Created by: allinone