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GMAT techniques that work for me

Does the technique of writing down ABCDE on scrapbook and striking each out as I run through the answer choices work for me? Yes, it works wonderfully well for CR, SC, RC, and PS. In DS, I use the AD/BCE technique.
What are minority questions in RC? Atleast one RC passage will concern minorities.
State of mind after the 30th question? After the 30th question, the tendency to guess & move is huge. Reasons are 1)Frustration over performance in 1-30 2)Time running out
What are speed breaker questions? Difficult questions after the 20th. They are designed to bog you down and lose time so that you cant complete the test
Fight-flight response during GMAT My fight-flight response gets activated during GMAT. At the heightened stress, I get bogged down by even simple calculations. So relax & make sure its not triggered.
How do I go fast if I am behind on time? Even when fast, each question requires atleast 1 min.In that time, eliminate as many options as possible, CHOOSE randomly, and move on.
How do I keep track of time during the exam? Look at the clock only after every 5 questions. Tough questions take more time, easier ones lesser. But in a batch of 5, they even out.Focus on questions not on time.
Created by: deepak.bhavi