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UTI Urinary track infection
WBC White blood cells
RBC Red blood cells
SP.GR Specific gravity
Microbiology The study of microorganisms
Culture Growth and Cleantifition of MO.
Sensitivity Test preformed to determine antibiotics of choice what MO is sensitive to
Normal flora Mo3 normally found in a different part of the body which no threat unclear ordinary circumstances (can cause disease in other parts of the body
Fungai Group of mo3 that includes yeast and mold
Pathogenic Disease producing
Pathogen Disease causing pathogen
Aerobic Class of bacteria that requires oxygen to grow
Bacteria Single celled microbes that lack a nucleus
Visual examination of the vagina and cervix with a Colposcopy
The surgical puncture through the posterior wall of the vagina into the cul-de-sac to withdraw intraperitoneal fluid for examination Culdocentesis
The process of examining with x-rays the soft tissue of the breast to detect various bening and or malignant growths before they can be felt Mammography
The destruction of tissue by rapid freezing with substances such as liquid nitrogen Cryosurgery
Surgical removal of the cone shaped segment of the cervix for diagnosis or treatment Conization
Last menstrual period LMP
Total abdominal hysterectomy TAH
Premenstrual syndrome PMS
Carcinoma in situ CIS
Dilation and curettage D&C
Gynecology GYN
Papanicolaou smear PAP
Intrauterine device IUD
Pelvic inflammatory disease PID
Endometrial biopsy EMB
Abnormally light or infrequent menstruation Oligomenorrhea
Abnormally long or very heavy menstrual periods Menorrhagia
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