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Cupid and Psyche 1

Cupid and Psyche Vocabulary List 1 Cards

Advena Foreigner
Caritas Dearness, affection
Civitas State, city, country
Clades Disaster
Decus Glory, beauty
Facinus Deed, crime
Flammeum Wedding veil
Foedus Treaty, agreement, law
Laus Praise, commendation, worth
Formositas Beauty
Nuptiae Marriage
Oraculum Oracle
Scopulus Rock, crag
Serta Wreath, garland
Sors Lot, destiny
Species Appearance
Speciosus Handsome, beautiful, good looking
Taeda Wedding torch
Thalamus Bedroom, marriage bed
Ululatus Howling, wailing
Beatus Happy, blessed
Caelestis Heavenly, divine
Dirus Awful, dreaful
Lugubris Mournful, doleful
Nefarius Impious, heinous, criminal
Praecipuus Extraordinary, special, particular
Priscus Old, ancient
Comitari To accompany
Cuntari To delay, hesitate
Flere To weep
Nasci To be born
Paenitere To cause regret, to displease
Me paenitet I'm sorry
Me paenitet consilii I regret the plan, I'm dissatisfied with the plan
Procedere To proceed, go forward, advance
Parere (+dative) To obey
Suavior To kiss
Ulcisci To avenge, punish
Veneror To worship
Molliter Softly, gently, smoothly
Paulatim Gradually
Sensim Carefully, gently
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