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S2 Chap4


lèng - stunned
种植 zhòng zhí - plant
高耸 gāo sǒng - stand tall and erect
挺拔 tǐng bá - tall and straight
婆娑 pó suō - dancing
gōu - call to mind
嬉戏 xī xì - play
不解之缘 bù jiě zhī yuán - unbreakable bond
苍劲 cāng jìng - Old and strong(trees, handwriting,drawing style)
翠绿 cuì lǜ - fresh green
心旷神怡 xīn kuàng shén yí - Relaxed and happy
粗糙 cū cāo - Rough
痕迹 hén jì - Trace or mark left behind
忌妒 jì du - Jealous
翱翔 áo xiáng - hover; soar; fly
聆听 líng tīng - Listen (respectfully)
萌生 méng shēng - Start to have/develop
兴致勃勃 xìng zhì bó bó - high spirits
jù - Saw/cut with a saw
树桩 shù zhuāng - tree stool
仿佛 fǎng fú - As if / seem
刻骨铭心 kè gǔ míng xīn - unforgettable
Created by: peterleongyw
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