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Ch. 8 HLHS fashcards

Session 10: The Blood & Lymphatic Systems - Hematology & Immunology

Match the word part to it's definition - lymph/o thym/o splen/o cyt/o -emia hem/o, hemat/o leuk/o -penia thromb/o myel/o phleb/o Definition - lymph thymus spleen cell blood condition blood white deficiency clot bone marrow vein
Match the term to it's definition- anemia hemophilia hemorrhage hematoma splenalgia splenodynia lymphedema reperfusion injury ecchymosis petechia Definition - reduction of red blood cells noticed by the patient as weakness and fatigue a condition in which the blood doesn’t clot, thus causing excessive bleeding excessive blood loss a mass of blood within an organ, cavity, or tissu
Hepatosplenomegaly is an enlargement of what? Enlargement of the spleen and liver
What are some types of white blood cells? Basophils, neutrophils, lymphocytes, & eosinophils
Give the definition for each term - Term: thrombocyte thrombocytopenia thrombocytosis thromboembolism thrombogenic thrombosis thrombus Definition - cell that helps blood clot; also known as a platelet deficiency in the number of platelets (clot cells) increase in the number of platelets (clot cells) blockage of a vessel (embolism) caused by a clot that has broken off fro
What is the definition of antigen? Substance that causes the body to produce antibodies
What is the definition of antibody? Substance produced by the body in response to an antigen
Match the definition to the term: Having in immune system incapable of responding normally and completely to a pathogen or disease Immune system with decreased or compromised response to disease causing organisms Reduction in the activity of the Term: Immunocompromised Immunodeficiency Immunosuppression
True of False Hemolysis is the formation of blood cells. False Hemolysis is the breakdown of blood cells.
What is hematopoiesis? The formation of blood.
What are the roots for blood? Hem/o, and hemat/o
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