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Science 4

Science Chpt 4

Putting plants and animals into groups according to their properties and characteristics classify
animals with a backbone vertebrates
One way plants reproduce seeds
when animals move between habitats migration
part of plant that covers and protects bud sepals
two parts of plants that combine to make seeds pistil and stamen
protects the seed of a flower petals
makes plant green chlorophyll
process which plants make sugar photosynthesis
the job of the root absorb water and nutrients
the job of the stems transport water and nutrients to leaves
the job of the leaves capture sunlight
give an example of an inherited characteristic of an animal color of fur, feathers
What adaptation would help an animal that eats nectar from plants wings
what adaptation might protect a plant from being eaten thorny stem
what is an example of a learned behavior of a dog doing a trick
explain how migration helps birds survive able to find food if leave cold and go to warm place otherwise it would die.
Created by: msholmangrade4