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Copper Sulfate

copper sulfate crystals have a shape called slanted tetrahedron
common class of compounds called salts copper sulfate
traditional salt that forms large (blue) crystals that dissolve easily copper sulfate
liquid mixture takes on a blue color, but remains clear or transparent solution
the changes of copper sulfate are called physical changes
crushing, dissolving and crystallization are known as physical changes
a mixture of two liquids results in a cloud-meaning the mixture is not see through is a solid formed
the solid that forms when two liquids are mixed is called precipitate
class of compounds that feels slippery, is caustic and often used as a cleaner base
sodium hydroxide is a base
does not dissolve in water insoluble
does dissolve in water soluble
when it turns into a paste not crystals and can not changed back it is called a chemical change
type of chemical change that forms a precipitate when two liquids are mixed is called solid forming
two different pure substances copper and aluminum
refer to substances which allow electricity to flow freely through them are electrical conductors
two pure substances that are sometimes difficult to tell apart using properties chromium and silver
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