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Vocabulary ch. 1-9

Hail 1. to approve enthusiastically 2. to cheer; to welcome; to call out to
attune to adjust; to bring into harmony
cinematography the art or technique of motion picture photography
connoisseur a person who can judge the best in an art or other field
Disconcerted Disturbed; disordered; confused
Epitomize to serve as a typical or perfect example of; to typify
Genre a class of artistic work (movie, book, etc.) having a particular form, conten, or technique; a style
juxtaposition a act of placing close together, especially fo rcomparison or contrast. (1 item next to another)
montage 1. a film editing technique taht presents images next to each other to convey an action, idea, or feeling (scenes for comparison)
surreal unreal; fantastic; having the quality of a dream
acoustics the feature of a room or auditorium that determine the quality of the sounds in it
audible capable of being heard; loud enough to hear
cacophony a harsh, jarring sound
censure to criticize in a harsh manner1.a strong expression of disapproval2.an official reprimand
clamor to state noislya loud uproar; a loud and continued noise
decorum dignified conduct or appearance
execution 1. a style of performance; technical skill, an in music2. the act of doing or performing3. teh use of capital punishment
inception the act of beginning; a start
modulate to alter (the voice) according to circumstances; to adjust
repertoire 1. all the works that a performer is prepared to present2. the skills used in a particular occupation
bisect 1. to divide into two equal or almost equal parts2. to intersect or cross
enigma a puzzling occurrence or person, a riddle
fallacy 1. a misconception; a misleading belief2. an unsound argument
finite having bounds or limits; measurable
gradation 1. the passing of one shade of color to another by small degree2. change taking place through stages or gradually3. a stage in a series
interval 1. a time between events; a pause2. a space between things
quota 1. a part of a total amount; an allotment; an allowance2. the number or percentage of people of a specified kind allowed into a group or institution
statistics 1. data; numerical facts2. the science that deals with the study of numerical data
symmetrical regular in arrangement of corresponding parts; balanced
variable something that may or does changechangeable, inconstant
ambivalence having confliction feelings, such as love and hate, about a person, object, or idea
ascertain to find out definitely; to learn with certainty
autonomy independence; the quality of being self-governing
destitute devoid; poor; impoverished
induce 1. to persuade; to cause2. to infer by inductive reasoning
magnitude greatness in significance, size, or rank
martyrdom 1. extreme suffering2. the state of being a martyr
persecute to harass; to annoy continuously
placate to pacify; to calm
utmost the greatest amount or level; maximummost extreme; of the greatest degree
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