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1. WEATHER CONDITIONS A.1 MEASURING THE WEATHER -Meteorologist measure______ ____before making a forecasts
2.SURFACE REPORT A.2 MEASURING THE WEATHER - A_________ _____ describes a set of weather measurements made on Earth's surface
3.WIND, SPEED AND DIRECTIONS A.3 MEASURING THE WEATHER - Measurements includes temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation,_______ _______ and _____________
4.UPPER-AIR REPORT A.4 MEASURING THE WEATHER - A _________ ________ _________ describes wind, temperature, and humidity and conditions above Earth's surface
5.RADIOSONDE A.5 MEASURING THE WEATHER- A______________Is a package of weather instruments that are carried into the atmosphere by a weather baloon
6.RADIATION A.6 MEASURING THE WEATHER- Satellites provide weather information by measuring the _________ ________ given off by Earth's and by taking photographs
7.INFARED A.7 MEASURING THE WEATHER- _________ images provide information about cloud temperature and height
8.DOPPLER RADAR A.8 MEASURING THE WEATHER ______ _________ is a special form of radar that an be used to detect precipitation and approximate wind speed
1.STATION , SURFACE AND UPPER AIR REPORT B. 1 WEATHER MAPS The_______ model displays many weather measurements for a specific location. It appears on ____ _____ _____ ________ __________
2.ISOBARS LOCATIOB B.2 WEATHER MAPS Weather maps have______ which are symbols made up of lines that connect places that have equal air pressure. These lines give information sbout__________
3. ISOTHERM B.3 WEATHER MAPS - _________ are lines that connect places have the same temperature
4FRONTS B.4 WEATHER MAPS __________ are representative as lines with symbols on them
1. COMPUTER MODEL C 1 PREDICTING THE WEATHER - Modern weather forcast are made with help of ________ ____________
2. TEMPERTURES C.2 PREDICTING THE WEATHER -___________ ___________ are detailed computer programs that solve a set of complex mathematical formulas. The formulas predict ______________ winds, precipitations, and types of clouds
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