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Geography Year 11

When was the Haiti Earthquake? 2010
What magnitude was the Haiti Earthquake? 7
How many died in the Haiti Earthquake? 170,000
How many were made homeless in the Haiti Earthquake? 1,000,000
Where was the Epicentre of the Haiti Earthquake? 25km from Port Au Prince
How many were injured in the Haiti Earthquake? 300,000
What time was the Haiti Earthquake? 16:53
What were the primary effects of the Haiti Earthquake? (3) • Hotels destroyed • 170,000 killed • Hospitals and factories destroyed
What were the secondary effects of the Haiti Earthquake? (5) • Tourism sector lost money • Hospitals stretched due to closure and destruction • Looting of destroyed shops • Poor sanitation • No one could get to work
What were the Environmental solutions to the Haiti Earthquake? (2) • 2000 corpses burned • Others buried in rural locations
What were the Economic solutions to the Haiti Earthquake? (2) • UK charities raised £23m • UK government trebled aid to £20m
What were the social solutions to the Haiti Earthquake? (3) •Water, food and aid flown in by UN • Search and rescue teams • Hospitals rebuilt
When was the Kobe Earthquake? 1995
Why did the Kobe Earthquake happen? Destructive plate boundary
What magnitude was the Kobe Earthquake? 7.2
How many people died in the Kobe Earthquake? 6500
How many people were made homeless the Kobe Earthquake? 300,000
What time was the Kobe Earthquake? 5am
How long did the Kobe Earthquake last? 20 seconds
What were the primary effects of the Kobe Earthquake? (6) • 6500 dead • Gas mains ruptured • Water pipes ruptured • Roads and railways collapsed • Fire • $220m damage
What were the secondary effects of the Kobe Earthquake? (4) • 230,00 • Industry closed • People camped on streets • People outside during cold winter
How do Japanese people prepare for earthquakes now after the Kobe Earthquake? (2) • Every institution has to have monthly drills • Buildings have to be built with lightweight bricks and materials
What were the economic solutions to the Kobe Earthquake? (2) • Motorola maintained services for free • Railways were rebuilt
What were the social solutions to the Kobe Earthquake? (1) • Search and rescue teams
When was the Eyjafjallajökull Earthquake? 2010
What caused the the Eyjafjallajökull Earthquake? Constructive plate boundary pulled apart and magma rose up.
How long did the Eyjafjallajökull Earthquake last? 7 months
What is the main response to volcanoes in Iceland? Spray water on the lava to slow down the pyroclastic flows
What were the social impacts of the Eyjafjallajökull Earthquake? (4) • Water contaminated • Livestock had to be kept indoors • Flights cancelled • Main Icelandic routeway flooded
What were the economic impacts of the Eyjafjallajökull Earthquake? (4) • Trucks held up • Flights cancelled • AIRLINES LOST £130M A DAY • Crops couldn't be imported
What was the main environmental impact of the Eyjafjallajökull Earthquake? (1) • Sulphur dioxide killed vegetation
Created by: GuyBrazier



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